Real or Artificial Christmas tree?

To do or not to do, that is the question! To get a real tree or an artificial tree was the choice Mary and I wrestled with over the Black Friday week-end. My late husband, Duane, insisted we decorate for the holidays with a REAL Christmas tree each year.

So one of our favorite […]

The Big Book of Trials, Errors, and Lessons Learned

Front Cover of my Book of Wisdom

Ed Note:

The following article is written by my daughter Laura Coble, a young mom expecting her second baby in March. You can read her blog at The Coble Column.

As a Grandmother, I think it would be great to get started with a book […]

Lord, Undo me

Most readers of this page know I have been a widow for three and half years, now. It’s been a hard journey for me to be a single mom and business owner. I’ve found that working through grief takes much longer than I ever expected.


No More Super Mom?

Ed Note: The following blog was written by Laura Moll Coble, my daughter, and it was originally published at her blog.

I don’t know if its okay to review and recommend a book before you’ve finished reading it, but I’ve been so encouraged by this book so far that I couldn’t help myself!

The […] is back is back is back! I am very excited about re-connecting with you my faithful friends, readers and customers! After passing the baton from The Urban Homemaker to the Marsh family in April, my passion for homemaking remains but with a new twist!

My Mission

My mission at will […]

Give Away: Magnet Ball and Ultra Power Plus Combo

Give Away: Magnet Ball and Ultra Power Plus Combo – $64.98 Retail Value

The Magnet Ball softens hard water without the use of any chemicals or other consumable products. Softened water will enable you to cut the […]

Tips for Avoiding and Overcoming the Flu, Naturally!

Mary came down with a sore throat on Sunday, right after I thought we had missed the cold and flu season. After applying some of the below tips, she said her throat was almost better a day later.

Here are some of my best tips for Avoiding and Overcoming the Flu Naturally that […]

Monday Morning Mix

Happy Valentine’s Day to you All. I wanted to remind you that today is the last day of the Wondermill and Wondermill Junior old pricing. I also wanted you to have this fantastic and simple Chocolate Peppermint Custard for your Valentine’s and an opportunity to learn something from Penny Pinchin Momma. (details follow)

Last Day […]

Introducing The Wondermill Junior Contest

Urban Homemaker’s 20th Anniversary celebration-The Wondermill Junior Contest

This contest is now closed.

The winner of the Wondermill Junior Grainmill is contest entry #118, Shawn. Shawn, you need to email me at to claim your prize.

The next contest will be posted at The Urban Homemaker blog by Friday. Be sure to sign up […]

Friday Freebies and Last Day to Save on Mills and Mixers

Read the Class Details and Save $20 with Coupon Code Below

Celebrating 20 Years in Business: With a Friday Freebie, last Day to Save on Real Food & Nutrition Class, and Bosch Universal Plus and Nutrimill:

Sheri Graham, has offered to share her ebook Bountiful Breakfasts with us for this […]

Get Those Dirty Dishes out of the Sink!

Kitchen Cabinet Installation is Completed

Ed Note: I’ll confess up front, I’m not always diligent about keeping up with the dishes and there are only two of us living here right now. But I so love a tidy kitchen, especially my beautiful remodeled kitchen with its beautiful cabinets and count tops. I […]

A Prayer to Bless Others

I received this image in my email recently and thought it was a great way to pray for our loved ones and friends! I printed a copy out to keep with my devotional materials. Often I don’t know how to pray, even for my children. I think this will help when I’m in doubt.


Living on a Dime – How one family does it.

13 ebooks for $13.00

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s celebration and feel ready to face the New Year with optimism and purpose. I , personally, have struggled to face the last few New Years since my husband and father-in-laws deaths.

But, the constant media […]

Oregon Odyssey and Adventures

After much prayer, fear and trepidation we are safely enjoying our first family Christmas away from “home” in over twenty-five years. If you like traditions, you know this has been a challenge.

Mary and I made the first half of our Colorado to Klamath Falls, OR trip with few incidents and cooperative weather on Tuesday. […]

My Favorite Christmas Cookies

I was invited to two cookie exchanges this year. I normally don’t go to the cookie exchanges because of past experiences when I had to take home store bought cookies to replace my hours of hard work. These exchanges worked a little differently, we could pick and choose from the choices up […]