Teaching Good Things DVD Coupon Code and Contest Winner

Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands… 1 Thess. 4:11

Thanks for participating in the DVD give away.

Laura Hoy is the winner of her choice of the Patchwork, Crochet, or Cake Decorating DVD. You can still purchase Kathy’s DVD’s by […]

Ultimate Homeschool Expo On Line

The Ultimate Homeschool Expo has been awesome for me today even though I don’t have daily homeschooling responsibilities anymore. I loved speaker Kimberly Ehlers challenge today:

“I will not compare myself to any other Mom; I will not compare my child to any other child; I will celebrate the God created specialness of my child.” […]

The Ultimate Family Expo

Are you longing for the ultimate help in raising your children whether you home educate or not? I homeschooled full-time my three children for 19 years. The two oldest are homeschool graduates and college graduates. After my husband passed away, I became a part-time homeschool mom. Now I encourage younger moms to persevere in their […]

Bosch Mixer and Nutrimill Combo now on Sale!

I hope you all had a nice Easter with family and friends. Mary and I accomplished our Easter dinner without my beloved Bosch and grain mill. Instead, we invited a family friend to join us for dinner in our downstairs “camp kitchen/cabin”.

Demolition began in my old kitchen on Thursday so we had a simple […]

Unto Him Who is Able

Friday, I prepared my Sunday School lesson for parents of teens based on the scripture, Ephesians 3:20:

Now unto Him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us…Unto Him be the glory!

As a parent or mother, a wife, business person, […]

It’s not About the Money, it’s About the Time

In our Sunday paper, there is a weekly column in the business section written by a father and son called Yoder & Sons. The senior writer is chief of the Wall Street Journal San Francisco Division, the junior writer is his 14 year old son.

Yesterday’s column tackled the topic of whether son Levi can […]

The Idol of Success

My Sunday School class has been looking at idols of the heart that can get in the way of effective parenting. We studied Ezekial 14:1-16 and discovered that as long as there were idols in the hearts of the prophets, God let them have it their way. The results were not pretty.

One idol of […]

Be In Health Conference

Two weeks ago, my daughter Mary and I got to attend the For Their Life TM Workshop in Thomaston, Georgia. The week involves nearly 40 hours of intensive teaching and training on what the Bible says about disease and much more.

Did you know that 3 John 2 says: “I pray that you may enjoy […]

Before I was a Mom

Ed Note: This was sent to me by my sister with no copyright. A reader has notified me this quote actually appeared in a book by Mary LaGrand Bouma, The Creative Homemaker, which came out in 1973. I believe Bouma was probably the original author — just thought you might want to know.

Before I […]

An Emotional Day, A Good Day

Today, my daughters Laura, Mary and I, had the privelege of welcoming home Laura’s fiance Brandon’s unit from the 101st Airborne from Ft Campbell from a 14 month deployment in Iraq.

We arose at 3:00 am to be at the parking lot at 5:00 am and then we were bussed to the […]

Life is fragile, Please Pray

A delightful, beautiful, talented 13 year old homeschooled girl died in our town on Easter Sunday. You see, she was at her voice lesson last week and was fine.

By Wednesday she came down with some sniffles and cold symptoms most likely caught from her brothers.

By Saturday, her mom took her to the ER, […]

Dr Denmark Said It – Common sense advise for home health

Who in the world knows what’s best for my baby?’ You do!” says Dr. Leila Denmark. Dr. Denmark is a well-known pediatrician, who is considered the longest practicing pediatrician, who cared for thousands of children for 75 years! That is right she retired in her 90’s, and just celebrated for 110 birthday last month.

In […]

Jesse Tree Devotionals

The Jesse Tree Devotional is different than advent as it tells the whole story of the coming of the Savior starting in the book of Genesis. Start the Jesse Tree Devotional readings by Ann Voskamp 30 days before Christmas. The devotional includes 30 readings culminating with the birth of Christ. When you purchase you will […]

Do the Next Thing

I learned years ago from Elisabeth Elliot, that when you are tired, discouraged, exhausted, confused, whatever, to do the next thing. This simple advise has carried me through many a trial and many difficulties.

I just learned this phrase is based on a poem by an author unknown. I found the poem reprinted in Passionate […]