Sleep, Baby, Sleep!

I raised my children by the “on demand” philosophy so prevalent 30 years ago. My daughter Laura discovered a better way and I think it’s worth considering. If you or someone you know is sleep deprived – please share this information with them or leave your comments below. BTW – the cute baby pics are […]

Take Every Thought Captive

Mary and her friend Lexi on Graduation Day

I have had plenty of challenges in the last few year and you probably have to. The following scripture helps me to keep on keeping on. Phillippians 4:8 tells us:

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is […]

Avoid Dehydration – Drink Water for Life

Why Drink Water for Life?

Although summer has not officially arrived, hot, dry summer temperatures have arrived. It’s time to revisit the importance of drinking plenty of water for health. Be sure to keep a water bottle with pure filtered water for yourself and each of your children to keep yourselves well-hydrated this […]

Moms: Bloom Today Where You Are Planted Joyfully

Ann Voskamp, a New York Times bestselling author, homeschool mom of six, and speaker writes poignantly about “living fully right where you are” in her book One Thousand Gifts.

I haven’t finished her book yet, but I have been prompted to apply these principles to my life as I am soon to become an empty-nested […]

Busy Bags for Busy Pre-schoolers

My newest grandson, Peter Beers Coble, was born on March 21, 2012, the same day as his other grammy’s birthday! Mary, my friend Patty and I are going to visit him next week during our spring break. But I need some activities and gifts for my 19- month old grandson Job.

I have been […]

Five Minutes to Artisan Bread

I couldn’t believe my first attempt at Artisan Bread came out so beautifully with such a small effort on my part.

My neighbor received the following recipe from her son and she wasn’t happy with the results. So she gave me a copy of the recipe and VOILA. Delicious bread with no kneading. This recipe […]

Spring Cleaning and Basic Package Give-Away

With the great Spring weather it’s time to start spring cleaning the easy, chemical-free way using Norwex Microfiber Products and water.

I love to see the sun shining through sparkling windows and the smell of fresh air without the use of expensive, controversial chemicals and disinfectants.

You can clean most of your rooms just […]

Lessons from a Christmas Cookie Marathon

So my friend Patty and I planned an all day baking/cooking marathon for Saturday. We got a little bit of a late start – that was fine with me. Patty had shopped for the ingredients and planned to bring her mom’s tried and true recipe for Pecan tarts.

That is when the best laid plans […]

Free Download from The 12-Week Holiday Planner {Weeks 13 & 14}!

After the busyness of Christmas is over and the children are still on vacation, smart moms will have some fun but informal ideas planned to continue building cherished family holiday memories.

In the spirit of giving, Sheri Graham and I have teamed up to offer this free downloadable resource from the […]

What Simple Tradition Tickles Your Family?

“When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things, not the great occasions-give off the greatest glow of happiness.” (Bob Hope)

My goal, this Christmas holiday season, is to focus on the simple, memory making activities that are short on expense, and long on […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, Now what?

If you missed Black Friday or Cyber Monday Doorbuster deals, I have good news for you, although it is bittersweet for me!

I spent today clearing my bookshelves of items I no longer need. Now that Mary is set to graduate in May, I am no longer a homeschool mom after 23 year […]

Real or Artificial Christmas tree?

To do or not to do, that is the question! To get a real tree or an artificial tree was the choice Mary and I wrestled with over the Black Friday week-end. My late husband, Duane, insisted we decorate for the holidays with a REAL Christmas tree each year.

So one of our favorite […]

No Fuss Floor Care

Ed Note: For a Complete List of my Norwex Overstocks and discontinued items at 50% off, please email me at

For years the ability to maintain attractive, clean, sparkling floors without exhaustion and the use of nasty, expensive chemicals has eluded me. That is, until I discovered the secret of environmentally friendly microfiber […]

Creme Brulee with Chocolate

Do you dream of a “dessert angel” sneaking into your kitchen and preparing a delicious and rich dessert for your family? It only requires five ingredients.

Mentoring Moms are demonstrating and serving Creme Brulee on Friday for an elegant and easy dessert lesson.

To prepare ahead, I spent a mere 90 minutes with my friend […]

The Big Book of Trials, Errors, and Lessons Learned

Front Cover of my Book of Wisdom

Ed Note:

The following article is written by my daughter Laura Coble, a young mom expecting her second baby in March. You can read her blog at The Coble Column.

As a Grandmother, I think it would be great to get started with a book […]