Lord, Undo me

Most readers of this page know I have been a widow for three and half years, now. It’s been a hard journey for me to be a single mom and business owner. I’ve found that working through grief takes much longer than I ever expected.


No More Super Mom?

Ed Note: The following blog was written by Laura Moll Coble, my daughter, and it was originally published at her blog.

I don’t know if its okay to review and recommend a book before you’ve finished reading it, but I’ve been so encouraged by this book so far that I couldn’t help myself!

The […]

Holiday Planning With Ease

Can you believe it’s that time to begin thinking about the upcoming holidays?

By getting started with the 12 Week Holiday Planner you can break down all the tasks of holiday plans into an organized and manageable system. The Holiday Planner, by Marilyn Moll and Sheri Graham, begins the first week of October and I […]

Fall Recipes All About Apples, Pumpkins, School Lunches Much More

Ed Note: Yesterday’s recipe for Apple Kielbasa Roasted Dinner, was missing one key green ingredient, Brussel Sprouts! Please add 3-4 Cups halved Brussel Sprouts to the recipe.

Did I mention that Fall is my favorite season here in Colorado? This past week-end marked the peak of spectacular gold in the hills as change of season […]

Monday Morning Menu – Apple Kielbasa Roasted Vegetable Dinner

Do you need a fresh new and easy menu for dinner? Have lots of apples? Then I have just the answer for your dinner.

This recipe for Apple Kielbasa Roasted Vegetable Dinner caught my eye because I had lots of delicious apples, company coming and the vegetables just needed to be roasted.

Everyone loved this […] is back is back is back! I am very excited about re-connecting with you my faithful friends, readers and customers! After passing the baton from The Urban Homemaker to the Marsh family in April, my passion for homemaking remains but with a new twist!

My Mission

My mission at will […]

Marilyn Molls Norwex

My mission with Norwex Enviro Products is to drastically improving the quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning.

Visit my store and sign up for enewsletter for information, tips, and special offers.

Testimonial of the month: “After I peeled my hands off the sides of my […]

Top 10 Kitchen Herbs

Marilyn’s Top Kitchen Herbs: Every pantry should have these top ten basic culinary herbs either fresh or dried:

Basil – for pesto, Italian sauces, soups and stews Dill – Not just for dill pickles, use in cottage cheese, cream cheese, goat cheese, omelets, seafood (especially salmon), potato salad and breads Chives – Great in […]

The "dog days" of Summer


Avoid boiling seas, languid animals and madness…

In the northern hemisphere, the dog days of summer are the sultry, hot, sticky days from July to mid August.

We call them the dog days, thanks to the Greeks and Romans. Ancient cultures mapped and named the constellations long before we got here. They associated […]

So What's in Your Mattress?

Did you know the typical mattress gains 10 –20 pounds over its life because your home contains millions of dust mites and their fecal matter live in mattresses, furniture, carpet, and children’s stuffed toys? Not a very pleasant topic but there is an easy, safe solution to a nasty household problem.

Here’s the scoop:

Dust […]

Busy Mom Bread Making Solution #2

It is 93 degrees in beautiful western Colorado and I have no bread to feed 3 hungry children. Did I say I was busy? Yes, adding work into my normally busy day has made me rethink a few things. So, might I share a few solutions for such a time as […]

Solar Cooking Tips from a Pro

Written by Marilyn

My friends Tara Miller and Sam Brown have compiled numerous practical tips including a Five-Day Kitchen Diary to make cooking in the Global Sun Oven successful and fun. Sun Ovens are the perfect way to keep a kitchen cool while reducing energy consumption during the hottest days of summer.

Ed Note: They […]

Going Solar: Cooking for FREE

When I tell people that I purchased a solar oven they look at me funny, like they don’t get it. It’s almost as if they wonder how you plug it in. Or how do you get the sun to come into your kitchen where the oven is? YEP- I was asked this and once I […]

Father's Day Family Favorite Recipes

Dad’s are so easy! The way to a man’s heart really is through his stomach. Make these fantastic and oh so simple meals for dad on “his” day and watch the grin spread from ear to ear… throw in a little back rub and a few words of encouragement and his ‘tank’ will be filled.


Coconut Oil is Queen Among Saturated Fats

Since I have had several inquiries, recently, I wanted to explain how I use coconut oil, the benefits of using coconut oil in everyday cooking and baking, and a few reader testimonials.

I first discovered that Coconut Oil is a healthy fat about five years ago when I read Eat Fat Lose Fat by Sally […]